Ballet is a total body workout that requires both discipline and focus, it helps with the improvement of posture and confidence. It gives grace in movement while sculpting and toning the body. Children enjoy this creative form of dance particularly because it gives them an opportunity to express themselves! Ballet is a great form of exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles, core and back muscles as well.
Our ballet program is designed for children age 2.5 to 12. In our ballet classes, we provide all of the above mentioned benefits and much more for our Kids. Since the lessons are in groups of similar age, the Kids interact with each other and make new friends. This enhances their social skills and sometimes strengthens their ability to interact as leaders and peers. Our class is based in a strong ballet technique, along with discipline, posture, balance, coordination, flexibility, nomenclature and grace. Fun dances, theatrical interpretation and a nice ballet music, all of it together makes our ballet class a special time where we introduce our children into a fun and magical world of dance.


Yoga is a way of practicing mental and physical discipline, it is a technique of controlling the mind and body. In this day and age it is imperative to introduce yoga to kids at a very early age. Yoga improves flexibility, increases muscular strength and tones muscles. Children feel energetic and rejuvenated! Breathing exercises help improve blood circulation, respiration and metabolism. Yoga is also known to help protect from injury.
Our Yoga class is designed for children age 3 to 12. In our classes we combine fun yoga poses with a relaxing music which enables them to use all of their muscles in many ways. Our breathing techniques and balance enhancing ‘asanas’ help instill confidence and improves concentration levels. Parents will observe the benefits of yoga over time. They can see that it affects the way they deal with difficult situations, keeps them calm and composed.

Ballet Fitness

Our Ballet Fitness Class is designed for adults only and we hold this nice and fun class at the dance studio on Saturdays.
The ballet fitness program is designed to develop endurance, muscular strength and flexibility while promotes power, speed, agility, balance, and coordination. No experience in ballet is necessary! We work from the very beginning to the intermediate level doing great exercises on the barre and center workout with balls and light weights, which is helpful for students striving for the long, lean muscles of a dancer’s physique.

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