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Private Yoga Class

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Frisco, TX 
Monday to Friday 
The class time for these Yoga classes will be flexible based on students availability

Private or small group yoga classes held outdoors or indoors (based on weather) are now available from Monday to Friday in Frisco, TX.


Pick the best class format for you!  The class times for our Yoga classes are flexible based on the student's availability.

All students must adhere to our safety measures to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Mats will be placed 6ft apart to follow social distancing guidelines, shoes are to be left outside, masks are a requirement to enter, and hand sanitizer stations will be available at all times. 


If you are showing any of the symptoms, please notify us and stay home. 

When registering, please select your group and the number of classes you want to attend! 

1 student: $45 per class
2 students: $35 each per class

Small groups of 3 up to 6 students: $25 per class

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