Ballet Classes at Preschools

We are back to hosting Ballet classes at preschool facilities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 
Welcome back! 

You can pay for your monthly tuition by clicking below. 

If you'd like to register your child for the first time, please proceed to the formula below. 


Interested in bringing Kids, Dance & Fitness to your preschool? Contact us. 

Interested in having classes with Kids, Dance & Fitness but we aren't available at your preschool yet? We have in-person small ballet group classes for you to sign up meanwhile. To learn more about our program and how to register, please click here.


Monthly online tuition: $60

First-time registration: $25


Coppell Montessori - Primary Class 
Kids 5 to 8 years old 
Mondays 3:30pm to 4:15pm

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