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Meet All of Our Instructors

Kids, Dance & Fitness ballet school proudly presents its exceptional team of instructors, known for their unmatched expertise and passion for Ballet and Yoga. With a commitment to excellence, our instructors deliver the highest quality teaching, inspiring young dancers to reach their full potential. At Kids, Dance & Fitness, we take pride in offering the best Ballet and Yoga instruction from a skilled and compassionate team.



Priscila Moore began her dancing career in Brazil. She received her first certification in Ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance in 1986. Following her professional education, Ms. Moore continues to strive for excellence in dance and ballet. In 2002 she continued her dance career in the United States, teaching ballet at a dance studio in Frisco, TX. Working with children is her passion, so in 2007 Ms. Moore founded her own dance program, Ballet Priscila Moore, to teach children at private schools. Due to the success of her children and classes, in 2008 Ms. Moore proudly founded her dance and fitness company called Kids, Dance & Fitness, Inc to expand her classes and instruction, then adding Yoga Priscila Moore, a yoga program specially designed by her for the children. To better serve the kids at the schools, in the near future Ms. Moore has plans to continue extending her classes, adding many others fitness and dance programs into her business.

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Not just a seasoned yoga practitioner, Mia Francalacci is also a dedicated mom who understands the boundless energy and curiosity of young souls. She's on a mission to channel that vibrant energy through yoga, guiding our little ones on an empowering journey toward fitness and mindfulness. Join us in welcoming Mia Francalacci to the KDF family and let's lay the foundation of a healthy and active life for our children together!

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Nicole Hentschel has been dancing for a total of 6 years, consisting in experience with competitive dance and drill team. She attends ballet classes weekly, along with several other styles such as jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. In previous years she has assisted a ballet class at her dance studio, and has an officer position on her high school drill team where leadership is a prominent skill. She has an absolute passion for dancing, loves working with kids and is grateful to be a part of the KDF team.

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Marcia Higgins has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is passionate about movement holding a Kinesiology and Nutrition degree from Texas Women’s University. She has a positive attitude and projects her enthusiasm to all around her. She is an accredited and licensed Fitness Specialist, Group Exercise Leader and Personal Trainer since 2005. She is proficient in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has taught exercise workshops, nutrition and aerobic classes for church members and community. Marcia is a Texas Certified EC-12 Standart Physical Education Teacher. Marcia is pleasant and encouraging with her students, working diligently to provide exercise options to each student in her class. Marcia has a heart for helping others to exercise and goes the extra mile to ensure they get the opportunity to exercise.

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Annabell Patel has more than 20 years of experience in teaching ballet for different age groups in Germany, as well as jazz dance and fitness. She has also participated in various dance projects. One of the most rewarding aspects for Annabell is the joy that children bring to dance and the creativity that comes from working with them. She is therefore grateful and happy to be able to teach as part of the KDF team.

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