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We are a dance and fitness company that provides specialized ballet and yoga instruction for children ages 2 to 12.


We understand the importance of teaching our children in a safe educational environment . We broaden their learning experience emphasizing basic skills and fitness in a structured and fun environment.


We offer two beautiful recitals per year at the end of each semester. All dance recitals are organized and prepared by our professional staff.


We offer high quality of ballet and yoga class at private schools and day care facilities in and around Dallas area.


About us


Company Owner, Artistic Director,  Ballet and Yoga Instructor

Priscila Moore began her dancing career in Brazil. She received her first certification in Ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance in 1986. Following her professional education, Ms. Moore continues to strive for excellence in dance and ballet. In 2002 she continued her dance career in the United States, teaching ballet at a dance studio in Frisco, TX. Working with children is her passion, so in 2007 Ms. Moore founded her own dance program, Ballet Priscila Moore, to teach children at private schools. Due to the success of her children and classes, in 2008 Ms. Moore proudly founded her dance and fitness company called Kids, Dance & Fitness, Inc to expand her classes and instruction, then adding Yoga Priscila Moore, a yoga program specially designed by her for the children. To better serve the kids at the schools, in the near future Ms. Moore has plans to continue extending her classes, adding many others fitness and dance programs into her business.


Ballet and Yoga Instructor

Fernanda Lima is an accomplished dancer from Brazil. She started learning ballet at a very tender age of 5. Her dance journey started at Ballet Bahiano de Tenis Studio in Salvador Bahia Brazil. She followed the Royal Academy of Dance training program in classical ballet for 13 years. She pursued her dance journey and learned a different style of dance that she really liked! It was Jazz and she danced Jazz for 3 years at Studio Karla Landin also in Brazil. All this while she continued with ballet because it was always her passion!
In 2008 she moved to Texas where Priscila invited her to work with her at KDF. She fulfills her dream and passion here as a ballet and yoga instructor. Fernanda has also choreographed many dances in the two annual recitals held by KDF.
She loves her job and her ballerinas very much and finds pleasure working with children. She thinks the success of her students, past and present, is a proof of her contagious passion for dance!



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Providing quality dance lessons in a warm and loving environment


It is a pleasure for us to teach your child! We are happy and proud to have her/him in our ballet program. We will continue working hard to provide our students the best quality of teaching and learning in our ballet classes. This has been and will be our goal always! To ensure smooth functioning of our dance school we have a business policy in place. This states some rules that we currently follow. All this information is very important, so we would like to request you to read and understand it throughly. We thank you in advance for your time, attention, cooperation and all the support! 


For our ballet classes, our students need to wear a regular ballet outfit: pink tights, any color of leotard with a little skirt or a little ballet dress (tutu) and pink leather ballet shoes.
All these items can be found at any dance store. To shop online, we suggest, which is a good store and they have good prices too! For the Parents that prefer to go to a store and have a fun time with their children, that is a nice dance store called Sandy’s Dance Wear, located in . Plano, Frisco and also in Dallas. There is also another great dance store in Lewisville, called Suffolk Dance Boutique. Looking for it at google can be also a great option and you may find a dance store close to your address with some options to choose!
The ballet outfit has to be sent to the school in the child’s backpack or in a ballet bag on her/his ballet class day and all our students will get changed for the class by the school teachers or by our ballet instructors.


We conduct ballet and yoga classes for kids every day of the week in various different preschools around the DFW metroplex. 

On weekends, we conduct Adult Yoga classes outdoor at the Overlook by the Park in Frisco. 

Additional Ballet for Children and Ballet Fitness for Adult classes will be scheduled at the Studio. For those times, please submit a contact form. 


Come visit us!

If you have any questions about our classes or if you want to offer our services for your children at your school, please send an email to us and we will be happy to help you and respond to you promptly!

Contact Us

Phone: (214) 458 - 8854 


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